Top 5 Canadian Heirloom Seed Companies


Its February, so you know what that means? Time to plan your garden and buy your seeds. Buying the best quality seeds is important because you want to make sure you know where your seeds are coming from and how they will grow. Getting to know your seed companies is a good place to start. The better the seeds, the better the harvest and the more seeds you will have for next year.

1. West Coast Seeds

West Coast Seeds is my number one seed shop. They provide a wealth of veggies, fruit, herbs and flower seeds, all untreated, organic, non GMO. Their website is easy to use and filled with tons of pictures from the veggie that is grown. It also has tons of helpful tips for gardeners. It’s really a great resource for beginners or advanced gardeners.

2. Heritage Harvest Seed

At Heritage Harvest Seed, all their seeds are open pollinated, non-hybrid, non GMO, untreated, natural seeds. They have a very humble catolog but their seeds are top quality and have some rare options, which is always fun.

3. Stokes Seeds

Stokes is an heirloom seed company based out of Ontario. They have a great selection of seeds and provide a catalog to make ordering easier.

4. Salt Spring Seeds

A small seed company run out of Salt Spring Island, which specializes in heritage and heirloom open-pollinated and non-GMO seed varieties of vegetables and plants. Salt Spring Island is one of my favourite spots on the west coast. The people there are always full of love. Guaranteed to give you a great product.

5. Hope Seed

Hope Seeds is a small seed company run out of Nova Scotia.  They grow what the sell. This means they prioritize selling seeds to those who grow their own food, and food for others in their communities.